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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Open PDF - This will make PDF attachments open in the browser.


When a PDF file is attached to a post, clicking the attachment link will open a dialog box asking where to save the file. This Add-on changes this behavior so the PDF is opened in the browser.


This add-on only works on Xenforo v1.2 and above.

  1. Download and unzip it.
  2. Upload the Andy folder to your server. The correct location will be library/Andy.
  3. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the "Install...

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Cool idea.

I created a .pdf viewing demo at

I documented what happens with .pdf viewing without your addon for me. (as you suggest, it downloads).

What the browser does with .pdfs varies alot depending on installed Software.

Of course to view it .... doesn't it download anyway ? :)

What's your main reason for keeping the .pdf opening in the browser ?

I use XF1.5.17 with open pdf. It worked in the past a few months ago with an older XF version, but now when I want to upload a PDF the alert appears: filesize is too big.

I did not change anything for file sizes and double checked in ACP. File size of the PDF is around 300KB and userrights of that user are 1MB.

Is there anywhere another setting just for open pdf for file sizes?



o.k., I found the reason. The problem comes from another addon. I just checked with a third site of mine, which has neither your addon nor the other addon and uploading there a pdf into a new post works without problems.

I then disabled that addon and uploading pdfs works again.

The "troubleshooter" is this addon (ultimate attachment manager):

It worked without any issues in the past, but it seems that with my recent upgrade to XF 1.5.17, it does not work properly anymore.
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a totally different subject: a suggestion: Could you please add "AndyB" in the name scheme visible in the overview list of all addons within the ACP? (Home/addons/list addons...)

I always thought that I use only a few addons from you because your name is never next to the name of the addon in that list. But it seems that I use a lot more addons from you than I thought. I am sure that this happens to many of the users of your addons...
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