XF 2.2 Oops! We ran into some problems – 403 error


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When I try to save the code I get the following message:

Oops! We ran into some problems.

I've checked the browser console and it's a 403 error.

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I read the amazing instructions @Brogan gave to us who are dealing with this error message:

So I did what the thread suggested me to do – I contacted my webhost (Namecheap) and got them to try to solve the problem.

But the error message still persists, and Namecheap.has told me that there's not more they can do to try to fix the situation.

I don't believe that ModSecurity, mod_evasive, or similar, is the cause of 403 error in my case.

What are your suggestions?
There's nothing that can be done from within XF to resolve server side errors, which is what a 403 error is.
This is the response I got from Namecheap:

I am deeply sorry that the investigation took much time. I'm afraid that this case requires attention of a web-development specialist. Unfortunately, as we are not a web-development company, we cannot provide such a service. Thus, I would suggest contacting a web-developer keen in situations of this kind to proceed with the investigation.
That's ludicrous.

Tell them to escalate the ticket to the next level of support, or find a new host.
This is the response I got when I contacted them the day after:

We have checked the issue with our technicians. Unfortunately, the issue is not related to the operation of the server. Please contact a website developer to resolve the issue.
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Really, if you have this issue you need to make sure that your hosting provider has updated to the latest ModSecurity definitions... they released a wonky one a few weeks ago and this happened to a LOT of XF sites.
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