Online tools to compare Colleges/Universities


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Thanks @digitalpoint
I see many other websites offer similar tool too. I think they all draw the same data from some common source.
Here is a github that offer some similar script that you plug and play.

Here is another one of the dozen sites I see today.

If you were to write something like this, how would you go about it? Just curious.
Well I wouldn’t write it. So technically that’s how I would do it. Hah but ignoring that, I’d write it the same as most other things… figure out what I need it to do exactly and figure out how to build whatever that is. There isn’t some universal way to do everything.

Approach it like any other project. First figure out exactly what you want to be able to achieve with it. Something quantifiable and explainable without something vague like, “I want it to do what another site does.” That might be the case, but if you don’t understand specifics of what you want it to do first, it’s going to be a hard road. Then go from there… first figure out the what, and then move on to the how.
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