Add-on Online in The Past 24 or 48 Hours Animated Cloud


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I would like an animated username tag cloud for BD Widget that is configurable by username and highlight color per style properties and configurable by who was online either the past 24 or past 48 hours, how many usernames to show and through usergroup viewing permissions. This is similar to a request I made a couple years ago.

It's pretty much like that cumulus wordpress tag widget. Another user also created a similar resource here:

A animated cloud block exists on my site already on xenforo as a block for xenporta (xenmedio ) and one on the video page here:

I have Who was last online in the past 24 hours widget already but it looks boring compared to a cool animated tag cloud.

Daniel Hood

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Yeah I'm adding that option to the avatar cloud. The avatar cloud is going to have an option to display without animation (just a list of avatars), the animation (like it currently is on, or a list (like the default Users widget with bd widget framework)

Daniel Hood

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Actually, currently, my last activity selector doesn't let you pick how long since. Just the amount to show. I'll add that feature though.