Online course for forum owners


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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about creating an online course teaching forum owners (and aspiring owners) how to create successful and profitable communities through planning, building, growing, and monetising their forums.

Would anyone be interested in something like this?


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I guess that would be part of the course pitch if I went ahead with it, but since you're asking I can try to answer this now in a few words. :)

I've been working on forums since 2002 and through that time I've worked on more than 60 communities, to help customise them, or market and monetise them. I've got my own forum which I've built that is now running as a separate business, making a significant amount of revenue.

The main reason I was thinking about putting together a course is that I have worked on all aspects of forum building over the years;

  1. Planning (finding your niche within the market you're interested in, how to do market research etc)
  2. Building & Launching (translate your requirements to functional capabilities and learn how to deploy them)
  3. Initial "infant" phase (how to attract the initial memberbase, build content, etc)
  4. Growth phase (how to increase participation, and tackle growth challenges)
  5. Monetize
So I wanted to see what people would think about something like this, if there would be interest to gather more information for starters. :)


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It does sound interesting, in that case. Maybe you could include interviews from fellow "big board" owners ( has a good community of them) to present multiple perspectives to. You could perhaps make the course in a book format (think textbook) and sell it on Amazon, etc.