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I'm in the process of building a new rig. I have a spec list sorted but I'm having trouble locating online retailers in the UK that can provide some of the parts.

Anyone aware of a good reputable online retailer in the UK that's good for computer parts?


Well-known member have always been very good for parts. Never had an issue with them and their delivery service is excellent.


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Scan are good - when buying a lot of parts together, they're often cheaper. Amazon also have a pretty good selection of kit.

I've also recently started using CCL, who seem pretty cheap, plus I can visit their showroom to collect my stuff as they're very near me. XP


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Avoid eBuyer.

Seriously. Avoid them.

They used to be fantastic. However in the last 2 years they have had at least 3 ASA complaints for false advertising and posting fake reviews on the site. They were also investigated by (and found guilty) trading standards twice. Plus their support is pure crap these days and will do all they can to avoid giving your money back if there is a problem (my last order, about a year ago, I waited 60 days for a refund on a faulty item that was returned the same day it arrived at my doorstep).

Dont take my word for it -

You cant go far wrong with Scan, Novatech, even Amazon. Dabs is a bit crappy these days, and dont be fooled by - they are hellishly overpriced for a lot of products.

Whoever you choose - always do your homework. Places like trustpilot are great for reviews.