One thread gets marked as auto-read even though I haven't read it


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Hi folks,

Wasn't sure where this would go (since I'm not posing this as a customer but rather as a consumer of Xenforo). One of the community forums that I visit is exhibiting a strange behaviour.

It has a "General Chat" forum and under that is a thread titled "Random Thoughts". The problem is that any new posts made in that thread never appear under the "New Posts" section for me as the software seems to be marking it as auto-read as soon as a new post is created.

I don't think I've any setting instructed to do such (at least not that I'm aware of), so was wondering if anyone can shed some light on why it's behaving that way.

If it helps, adding some metadata:

Xenforo version = 2.1
Roles held = Member, Staff, and Admin
Is thread pinned = No
You should contact the site owner in the first place.

The owner of the site would then need to post here or submit a ticket for assistance with an issue with their site.
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