Lack of interest One signature per page

steven s

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I know there are some other suggestions regarding signatures.
I'd really like to see one image per page per member.

Repeated images ruin the clean look and feel.
Pages look like billboards.

I'll just turn signatures off.


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I agree with you about the view but like I had said before (I think) I have memory problems, signatures and avatars help me identify a little easier the things my brain cannot store and I'm sure for those that actually can remember they serve as a nice flashcard if you ignore the other possible uses for a sig.

If I can further this I wouldn't mind this as long at is an option to display one sig per user per page in the ACP. For those looking for their forums part of their site to be slick this is a plus. But then there is the issue of sigs (and avatars, but that is OT) that aren't against the rules of the site but offend an individual. In this case or for those who wish to view as little of another member as possible something like this could be a solution. --> Block an individuals signature block...displayed by clicking on the users avatar (since you will probably be reading one of their posts when their sig ticks you off) and clicking on a text link to switch on or off that users display to you option. Untitled-1.png
If this is too much to make work I understand, but at either rate I support this suggestion in the form of a global option in the acp.