One of the hardest things a pet owner can do


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Is what we are about to leave for. Our 13 1/2 mini Doxie that has been with us through good times and bad has been on final decline. She's blind and diabetic and now appears to have stomach cancer that is causing severe pain and other issues. We leave in about 7 minutes to take her to the vet to assist her across the Rainbow Bridge.

All who have pets.. give them a big hug and maybe a special treat today. They give all their love to you and really ask very little in return. This just happens to be one of the things that you should give them in return, as no fur baby should have to go out of this life in extended pain.

Skeeter, we'll see you on the other side of that bridge. I look forward to that day of being welcomed by you when my time comes to pass.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I've lost pets too and know what it feels like. At least you can feel proud that you gave her a fabulous home where she wanted for nothing.
My thoughts are with you and your family. As a dog lover myself, having been blessed with three wonderful friends over 45 years, I can empathise with your plight. The memories are sweet whilst the parting is bitter, but you are doing the best for your loyal friend. It's very hard to let go as your friend has embellished your life with unconditional love, a rare thing, so you will remember the good times as you deal with the bad.
We had to put of our cats down a couple weeks ago. We believe it was cancer, within 4 days she had no energy to get up. It is really hard when you have to put one down.
We had to put of our cats down a couple weeks ago. We believe it was cancer, within 4 days she had no energy to get up. It is really hard when you have to put one down.
Yeah, that's rough, I'm sorry for your loss. Happened to one of ours a couple of years ago. Because they're small, the cancer spreads like wildfire and hence it's almost impossible to stop once it's diagnosed. Awful.
I just gave a bone to my little Anti, in homage to Doxie.
You had to make a difficult decision but it was the right one. May his journey be sweet to him...
I'm sorry for your loss Tracy. Unwavering loyalty and love is what they bring and it's so difficult when you have to make the decision.

My Staffordshire Kira first lost weight and her eyes dropped to the point she couldn't see and struggled to walk, bled out and after treatment was told she was riddled with cancer. 2 days later we made the decision to put her to sleep and I took her to the vets.


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@Tracy Perry I feel for you, especially because I can relate:
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14 years old and slowly declining...
Word of advice.. treat them even better than you ever have in the past... and you will always second-guess that maybe if "this or that" was done their time with you would be extended. That's a natural part. The bad thing is, we've got another big dog that is 12 years old and has severe hip issues that we are probably about to have to assist across the Bridge. The REALLY bad thing is, she's is perfectly healthy mentally.. it's simply her body that is failing (she has hip issues and is getting to the point she can't walk nor get up unassisted).
It's a hard decision to have to make, and I realize that many avoid pets because of having to make that decision... but I would not trade a single SECOND that I've had with ANY of them in my life. They've simply made a mundane existence SO much better. It's hard to believe that humanity was blessed with such a faithful companion.
Sorry for your loss. I had to put my German Shepherd to sleep after stomach issues and a huge weight loss a month ago. She's been with us for over 10 years. Dogs are our children, any true dog lover will confirm this.
This has been a horrible year for us. We had to assist Skeeter over the Bridge in October, had to assist Skipper over the Bridge a few months before that.. and now the time has come to do the same for our "big girl" Blaise. She's a little over 10 years old and a collie/heeler mix... and about TWICE as large has what she "should" have been if going by her breed(s). She also was born with hip issues and the vet warned us when we took her into our home as a family member that would probably be what got her before anything else... and his forecast has come to pass. She can't get up without being lifted, and she's constantly panting and whining when she has to move... so it's that time again.
The below image is of her and her "running buddy" Bella. She's protected Bella since she came into our home also (Blaise was about 2 years old then).... and you usually see them sleeping together or hanging out in the yard with each other.

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