XF 1.2 One of our themes are not loading alerts and conversations

Hey guys!

I hope I am posting this in the correct forum!
We got XenForo a while ago and created our own custom theme. The problem is that alerts and conversations are not loading automatically, I am attaching pictures to show you what I mean:

Our custom theme:

The default theme:

Additional info:
We used this guide to move our visitor tabs to the modbar in our custom theme

I would love some help on this issue!

The website URL is: http://smudgecraft.net


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Has the style been updated for 1.2?

Do you have any outdated templates?

Otherwise disable all add-ons and customisations (create a default style) and check again.
Yeah, it was made with 1.2

Nope, no outdated templates.

In the two last pictures I am using the default theme and it is all working!


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It's going to be something with your custom style, possibly add-on related or a template edit.

You will need to track it down - by disabling all add-ons and then reverting edits one at a time until you find it.