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One last 'Have you seen' before the beta comes out?


Well-known member
Kier or Mike, could you give us one last 'Have you seen' before you beta-release? :)

I want to switch my mood from '100% sure' to '100% sure, just release it already ffs :D'

E.g. the Mod Panel, I wanna see it :)
Or how your ban system works ;)


Well-known member
If they showed you everything there'd be nothing to look forward to ;)

It would be like knowing what's inside the wrapping paper on Christmas Day :D
They cannot show everything xD Even 10 days after the release new things will be discovered :)

And yeah, that's true. Unfortunatly there doesn't exist a 'XenForo License Coupon, good for One XenForo License' :D