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Add-on Onboarding Welcome Messages, timed from signup date/time


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I want to be able to send a series of Welcome PM's as part of an extended onboarding process.
  1. At time of signup (which is default for XenForo)
  2. 2 hours later
  3. 3 days later
  4. 6 days later
  5. 9 days later
  1. Use the same interface and options that XenForo 1.5 uses for it's Welcome Emails.
  2. Set the offset by Days and Hours from signup
  3. Preferably not limited to only 4-5 emails, but as many as I want.
  4. Support for 2 Years, keeping the app compliant with current XF version, unless XF built-in functionality renders all aspects redundant.
  5. Programmer is free to sell the app in the Resource area, but initial backers/investors get a lifetime license.
  6. Looking for completion within 5 weeks.
  1. Change content of email based on required variable set during sign up. (i.e. IF user sets USERTYPE="RegionalDealer" then use this message, IF ELSE USERTYPE="Manufacturer", then use this part of the message, ELSE use this catch-all message

If you are interested in contributing towards this custom project, please reply to this thread.


If you have more questions, please reply to this thread.
If you want to submit a bid, please send me a PM with the following:
  • Bid Price
  • Portfolio of Work (must not be first project)
  • Milestone breakdown in five parts (a portion of the award will be split at the demonstration of each milestone)
    • UI copy
    • Time Delay
    • Bonus
    • QA
    • Final Review