Add-on "On this day in history" widget


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This is more a suggestion than a request as it's just an idea I came up with. (forgive me if something like this exists, but if so, please point me to it!) I offer this for any of the coders who might be looking for a new project! ;)

I think a way to add a special event that occurred on a particular day to the sidebar area would be cool.

Perhaps a text file where the forum owner could enter an event for each upcoming day and have that show in the sidebar, changing of course everyday.

"On this day, in 1967, - Keith Richards, Mick Jagger & Marianne Faithful busted for drugs"

(the above is actually true for today's date)

There are websites that have information like this as well as famous births & deaths. Here is one such website with all of these:

Any takers? :whistle:


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I respond with random thoughts bobs:

today is 2/12/14

Does this (example:) history-file.txt have one entry for each date, or unlimited entries for any date all in one text file, or do you see a text file per date (ex 2.12.txt, 2.13.txt, etc) with each line in any doc being an entry for that day?

If there are multiple entries for one date, is that entry hard selected by an admin, or will it at random select any entry that ties into that date?


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I envisioned only 1 entry for each day, all in one text file but would leave the details up to the creator of the add on. :ROFLMAO: