On registration XenForo creates an entry into another table


Not a 100% request but I need something like this.

I also need this done without altering a PHP file, I guess it can be done by hooks?

Anyway. I want to integrate XenForo and another script I'm doing. Normally I would like it to also be a login integration but that can be done on the Script side... I guess.

I will use XenForo as the Registration form. So when an user registers to XenForo, I want XenForo to populate some info to another table.

How can I do that?



Extend the user datawriter, and save/change the data in your own table on the _postSave() method

(so is this a dev question, or a addon request? )


Hmm... more like both. I am curios how can it be done because if its not to hard I will try it, but if someone wants to do the addon, it would be great.

Can you please explain a bit more on how to actually start or do this?



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This can't be an addon request.
It is very specific to your situation.
I'm not sure it is possible to write some generic addon that will write information into generic 3rd party scripts.


well yes. But can someone point me on where to start?

Firs step is where and how I tell XenForo to create a new entry in one table.

All I need in this new table is the User_Id, the rest is generic info.


Actually I tought of something else.

When users logins in my system with user & pass from xenforo, I will do a query to see if he has a table in my system. If he does not have one...it will be created.
This way the existing users will also be able to login... and I woun't be requied to do an importer :D