Style Omni - A new versatile style by Pixel Exit (XF 2.0)


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Hello everyone :). Just a short post about an upcoming style I'll be releasing on Pixel Exit. Omni is a very versatile style however below I'll be showcasing some various gaming ideas you can do.

What's unique about Omni is you're able to dramatically change the look of the style using just a few options:


  • Main Color:
    • This is where you choose from a pre-defined list of the main colors Omni ships out with (initially shipping with 5 color schemes).
  • Accent Color:
    • We've setup up some pre-defined accent colors however you can also choose your own custom color using the color picker below.
  • Texture
    • This option allows you to add a subtle texture to the content areas of the forum (transparent textures).

You can take creative control of this style and create something truly unique in a matter of seconds. More details to come soon :).
Little demo, still some more work to be done but I figure we can start showing. This demo has:

  • Omni along with 4 variations (use the style selector in the footer or the sidebar for Omni specific colors)
  • Fusion Gamer
  • Core
  • Flat Awesome +

Reminder about Omni, it's completely flexible and comes with 5 initial main color schemes but you can change the primary accent color to anything you want. It's seriously a lot of fun to play around with to see what you can come up with.
username: Demo
password: Demo

Demo's restricted at the moment from doing certain things but if you have questions, please do ask.
I like the way you guys did the forum and online stats. Clever and looking good.

Thank you, the footer this time around is a little easier to customize:

Set the width of each block:

Next you can choose which content to prefill the blocks with using a simple dropdown:


We've already styled each of these blocks for you allowing for some really cool setups.
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