XF 1.5 Old VB4 site used an image for a user title. After import......


I just noticed this today. There's a user group on my site that has a custom title. On the old VB4 it was an image and the title text contained a simple <img src> HTML tag. Obviously this is not supported by XF. Problem is, when I went to change it, to use the regular title ladder, it did not change on the forum. Any members of that user group look like this:

Despite the group options set to use the default user ladder. I even tried to remove them from the group, and that user title still stays. My other thought was to create a new user group entirely, and switch them over to that, but if removing them from the group doesn't change it, then what would? I'm kind of at a loss of what to do.


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Hi @Janderfu,

I'm wondering if during the import the previous VB4 user title just didn't import successfully into the XF User Title Ladder ?

If the member has a custom user title set on their profile then it will override the User Title Ladder .. so the solution is to edit the member's profile and clear their custom user title.

If there are a lot of members in this usergroup you should be able to bulk remove the custom user title in:
Admin CP > Users >Batch Update Users tool