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steven s

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I'm sure this has been brought up, I just couldn't find anything.

What happens to our indexed site's links once importing to xF?
The old links will just display an error?
I guess it's impossible to have a rewrite rule since the new url will be so different.:confused:


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I very much doubt the import process will keep the same id's for users/posts/threads therefore I am quite sure you will have problems.

I would analyse your server logs / analytics for the most popular threads and manually create a few re-write rules.

Hopefully (big ask) xenforo will record 'old' id's in the import process and may provide a way to redirect old original urls to new urls although everyone with vBseo will need to create some nifty re-write rules.

Does anybody in the xF team have anything to say on this topic?


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righto. XF would be prepared to handle links from a variety of popular boards from what I have read from the developer's notes.

but these would have to be default settings and not customized solutions like VBSEO.

for those cases, you would need some manual rewrite rules that converts the modified links to their regular links that are then picked up by XF for its own links.

sounds pretty complicated but once in place, it should all be pretty automated.

steven s

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And to think this is still an alpha release. :)
After almost a year of fools gold, it will be nice to see real Gold for a change.

The link icon goes on and off as needed. How cool?