OK guys, c'on kill me ...


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folks, i need a strong, really strong, critique of my web site (i just planned to re-do it) ...


feel free to tell me everything what you think, thanks :)

note: vB4 needs to be changed ... asap :D


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All those blocks aren't really my thing and it gets really really annoying if you scroll around a bit.

Also, at pages there's like 50% text about the subject, the other 50% is taken by the 'partners, events' and so on blocks. That's really not a good way imo.


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A marketingrules says: "A customer has 8 seconds to understand your message" :)
That means: There a to many info's for a entrysite. Immo


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I like the color scheme, and the attention to detail. Especially using the green and red arrows surrounding the white menu text, it matches the text above. I would have used [ ] in place of the arrows to match your logo.

I think I would move the Partners and Services up above the Media player for further consistency in the look. :) This way, users are greeted with your services and news without needing to scroll down.


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I don't have a problem with a news site having "blocks" of info. But the layout and spacing could be better.

Green Cat

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I would say that if you are redoing it don't use flash that makes you page heavier, longer to load and not everyone has flash.


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I hate the use of flash in navigations, and its a huge usability nono.

Also, the site looked cluttered to me, though I only took a brief glance.


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For navigation, I would do basic text buttons/links, and then use Javascript or CSS to animate them and provide options. Always make it possible to navigate your site if the rollovers don't work, and Flash is not available.


It's exactly how I wouldn't want a site to be, but in those cases it usually turns out those sites generate a lot of traffic and revenue. So I think yours will be a success.