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Guest is finally open to the public, it's an Off Topic Bulletin Board, this place has a lot of amazing things on it. At first I didn't know what I wanted to do to get a community going and I looked everywhere online to a get a good idea going, but I'm still hitting bumps and whatnot.

General Discussion forums, literally popped in my head and I did and still do have one of the original ideas for the website and now I modified to the ideal website...this was one idea I wanted forever and I had to wait on the domain for it. I did have a domain, but it was an older one and I wanted something fresh to bring to the table. is the main domain for it all and years ago it used to be " which I still have the domain for it".

[cXF] Hide Unselectable Styles 1.0.0
[cXF] Staff Menu 1.1.5
[OzzModz] Post Areas 2.1.2
[OzzModz] Text Logo 2.0.1
[OzzModz] TMDb Movie Thread Starter 2.1.5 1
[OzzModz] TMDb TV Thread Starter 2.1.16
[SC] Count Robots 2.0.0
[SC] Separate Sticky Threads 2.0.0
[SVG]Forum Statistics Below Nodes 2.1.4
[UO] Merge Staff/Members Online Widgets 1.0.2
[UO] Robot Styling on Current Visitors 1.0.0
Conversation Essentials 2.7.4
Forum view count 1.0.0 Patch 2 - Disabled
Moderator Essentials 2.5.3
s9e/MediaSites 2.8.5
Standard Library 1.13.0
Tickets 2.5.0 - Disabled
User Essentials 4.2.11
XenAddons Article Management System 2.2.20
XenAddons Showcase 3.2.21
XenForo Importers 1.5.2
XenForo License Verification 3.5.0
XenForo Media Gallery 2.2.4
XenForo Resource Manager 2.2.4
Your Profile 1.0.6
Members recently online 3.0

There's the list of addons that OfftopicBB has installed on there...
The site itself is one that I've wanted to start and awhile back and this place already has over 144 messages on it since it's been open since the October 9th of last month.


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