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[offer - $100] Nick Name or Display Name


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EDIT - to make it clearer

My community really need this one.

It's basicly a new text field user can type in any characters in their UCP.
Every characters allowed, 100 character restriction.
Maybe change < > into their HTML format.

The field can be empty. If it's empty, nothing happens. The forum work as normal.

If the field is filled, where username shows up, they will be replaced with this Display Name.

I'm more concerned to have the name displays on more obvious places.
For example, thread starter name, last reply, members online, the box to the left of the posts, user profile.

Would be nice if in the user profile you can show both - Display Name (username)

Offering $100 via Paypal.

Please let me know if anyone wants to do this. Thanks.


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Just a quick question, what purpose would a username serve if you're replacing all instances of a username with a nickname?


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It's just a function one of my longest-running forum has been offering to members for 8 years and my members really enjoy changing their names. I want to make it available once I switch over.

And hm, no you shouldn't be able to log in with Nick Name. User name still need for log in.

I don't really want to expose user names personally.


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I think the only thing I'll struggle with (I'm not sure as I've never tried) is the searching of nicknames, but we'll see.


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I'm still waiting for this add on :) If anyone would like to create it please feel free to discuss your quotation with me!


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Still really, really need this add on.

I edit my original message. Please check it out for requirements etc.

Offering $100. If anyone is interested please let me know. :)


This would be helpful for people who sign up via Facebook - sometimes they don't want to use their real name :(


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They don't have to.

When registering vie Facebook there is the option to choose a different user name.