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Just curious but why would you name a hosting company after a dangerous natural gas? Would seem like an odd choice of names.
I actually don't know why I called it that. I suppose, after a discussion with an enterprising chemistry teacher, Radon just came out, if you know what I mean. Although it's radioactive, it's chemically unreactive, so I suppose that's a good thing. It has a few health and scientific benefits, discarding Rn-222.


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Why would you name a chain of hotels after a dangerous metal ? :rolleyes:
Have no idea what chain of hotels you're referring to but at least here in the States there is an entire industry built up around radon detection & prevention. In some locales radon testing is even required as part of the process of buying/selling a house. Calling a company "Radon Systems" that has nothing to do with radon testing around here would be like calling a company "Cyanide Systems" and having nothing to do with poison.
Hilton? Hard Rock?

(I joke because I can't think of a hotel chain named after a metal...)
Makes two of us.


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"Mercure" is not "Mercury" which can be the Roman god or the closest planet to the sun.
Language barrier here, I think. I thought the same thing, but it seems that it may be the same thing in the French culture. There was also a paper called "Mercure" and that was named after the Roman God as well.