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Hi, I currently run my site using ocportal. We have over 1500 members and more than 100000 posts in our forum.

I was wondering how easy it would be to import my ocportal data into Xenforo if I was to change to it?

Many thanks for any help!


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There is no direct import path from ocportal.

You would need to do a two stage import, first to software for which there is an importer, then to XF.

The pre-sales FAQ in my signature lists the available importers.
Which software would you recommend to do the first stage to? I'm looking to try and keep as much as possible to do less manual work later. So a format that keeps permissions etc would be highly preferable!


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I wouldn't be able to say.

I'm not familiar with other forum software so wouldn't know which of them, if any, are able to import ocportal.


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ocPortal seems to be a CMS. Getting an importer for it won't be common. Maybe a bit easier to find with an open-source project that's been going for a while (phpBB would be an example). I'd assume you'd have more luck making your own though.

Edit: It's not very popular. I can't find any importers for it at all, at least for a two stage import. It'd probably take more than two stages, and possible data loss. Very likely you'd have to make your own importer though, so I'd just do that. Save time and money.
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They have importers into their system for the following:

At the time of writing, the following software importers are available:
  • Advanced Electron Forum
  • Invision Board 1.3.x
  • Invision Board 2.0.x
  • MyBB
  • phpBB 2
  • Simple Machine Forum
  • vBulletin 3
  • Wordpress
  • WowBB
You'd need someone to reverse one of those.

Digital Doctor

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I'd try to go ocp to vB3 to xenforo.
It'll take someone really good to get the user passwords to work. Probably impossible.

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