NYC, Here We Come


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Allow me to add 5 more to the hot list of NYC:

(1) Herald Square / Macys. Not only will the windows be dressed up when you're arriving but it's also a pretty famous and accessible area midtown, right near Times Square. If you visit one you should see them both. And make sure to go to the Macy's Visitor's center on floor 1A - which is in the huge room targeted at women (you'll know, lol.) They will give you special discounts as an international tourist which I believe work in addition to coupons you may have as well. Bring your passports. Note also that down the block on 32nd St. is "Horace Greely Park" where many events happen (not as much in late fall/winter) and new products/people premiere. And right there is Koreatown where you can get food.

(2) Lincoln Center - it is magnificent, especially when the water fountain is turned on. If you can make it to a performance, great. If you don't have the time/money for a show, go to Juilliard - they have free performances all the time and going into that building itself, after being rebuilt, is a neat experience.

(3) Columbus Circle / Time Warner Center: I'd put this last on my list. It's more of a spectacle that isn't nearly as impressive as the other suggestions. If you want to go to a neat "hi end" place, go to the Mandarin Oriental. It's a classy place (dress appropriately) and get to see a beautiful view. Some people suggest something now called "The View" but I think it's overrated - and how many views do you need? Opt for the great food we have here, dispense with the view.

(4) Rockefeller Center - it's more interesting around Thanksgiving/Christmas, when it's dressed up. There are various news/TV shows that are also taped in this area, outdoors, which could be interesting. I'd still say that this is secondary to the rest. It also features one of the few underground walkways that exist in NY. The other one that I recall was the WTC... :(

(5) St. Patrick's Cathedral around Christmas is also one of those places that might be worth a visit, especially if you're Christian. The Tree attracts quite a lot of attention. Warning: Anyone who arrives from Thanksgiving to Christmas will experience MAJOR traffic impediments in this area and around the east side. There are barriers preventing people from walking into the street and it condenses people greatly. It will take you longer to go from place to place and I advise you to use the subway when possible and spend less time on foot in this area.