Number of Unread Posts


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Would it be easy enough to make a mod that shows the number of unread posts since the last visit? I'm trying to add this number in to the header template, but I can't find an existing mod or variable.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be a big help!


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	 * Gets the IDs of threads that the specified user has not read. Doesn't not work for guests.
	 * Doesn't include deleted.
	 * @param integer $userId
	 * @param array $fetchOptions Fetching options; limit only
	 * @return array List of thread IDs
	public function getUnreadThreadIds($userId, array $fetchOptions = array())
XenForo_Model_Thread, line 450. You should be able to run that and return the results using the $viewParams inside your extended ControllerPublic.