XF 2.2 Nulumia?


We are moving our forums to Xenforo and part of the process is installing the appropriate style. I've found the site 'nulumia' however it appears none of their demos work and I can only view a few screenclips. Looks like it has been down for quite some time.

Being new to Xenforo, I don't know any of the history of its suppliers. Anyone have any comments on this? Are they gone?

Does anyone know how I can see demo's of the Motor Trend and Sport Talk themes? Maybe some sites that are using these?


as i understand it.....they had some covid related issues for the last year or so, but are recently coming back since this last month or so...
i suspect they focused more on updating the line first and perhaps will upgrade the demo pages next? im hoping the troubles are behind them because they do have some good skins.
I just purchased one of their themes and there are a few issues with it still. They seem like nice people and are trying to get things updated. I requested an update on themes on Monday but haven't heard back from them yet. Perhaps wait until he/she has updated all their styles? I'm also using Pixelexit @Russ themes and they are excellent with no problems noted. Not trying to sway your either way but just giving you my experience thus far. Best of luck to you. :)
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