Nougat "formerly Marshmallow"

Nougat "formerly Marshmallow" [Paid] 1.9.92

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DohTheme submitted a new resource:

Marshmallow - Based on Google Material design

We don’t create the perfect themes, we create the theme describes your community and this make it the perfect one.

Just 5 minutes playing around the Features, you will meet fully your desire

We are proud to launch our new xenForo Theme – Marshmallow! Marshmallow has a new layout with gorgeous look. Every bite of it is beautiful & graceful. It synthesizes the classic...
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Using 1.5.6 and noticed an outdated template:
Outdated Templates
  • Marshmallow
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      page_container_js_body Custom Version: 1.5.0, Parent Version: 1.5.6
Is this an issue?

Also another issue is when i try going into a forum on my local wamp server I don't see the create thread button :(....

I take that back. Forgot it's material design :p


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Few things I'd like to see or know if it's possible.

- A sidebar on left AND right for widgets or navigation or ads.

- a header that's thinner.

- instead of having categories/nodes on the homepage, can you have latest threads that have the same look with a picture/title/etc? Perhaps even using CTAFeaturedThreads?

Mr Lucky

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Lovely theme, can you explain the licence please. Is it $30 per year (in order to get updates). How much extra is branding removal?


Mr Lucky

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your license will be active it will not be deleted but if you didn't renew it after 1 year you will not receive any style updates or support
This is what i wanted to know. So to have updates and support it's $30 per year, plus $15 for branding free.

Is the $15 a one off payment or recurring? Is the licence for just one site?