Lack of interest "Notify author" alerts (for move, edit, etc.) also sent to designated staff via...

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My use case:
I would like moderators to know when admins are doing their work for them, so to speak. The best training is on the job training, and many times, admins find themselves doing mod duties when 4 mods are online. No fault of their own sometimes. What would be nice is, where it asks if you want to notify the member of your action, under that is a tick box to notify certain moderators when admins are performing the action.

Admin moves a thread...
▢ Notify author of this action.
▢ Notify staff with permission to receive this alert.
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(The option to leave unchecked is for situations where you don't want the alert sent to them.)
You may not want senior staff to receive. So this would not be a group setting, but a permission under:
Groups & permissions >> Staff >> Moderators/Administrators:
General permissions:
▢ Receive moderation alerts.
(You would uncheck this when you feel they are trained, or maybe just keep it enabled so they know what's going on.)
If you wanted other admins to receive, this setting would also appear in Administrator settings. Or maybe admins want the notification from mods to keep tabs in addition to logs. Anyway.

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