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I'd love this. It'd also be useful if it's in the same thread by the same person.

On one forum I use fairly often, people will often spam like posts in threads, and I'll end up with 600 alerts in the space of a few hours. And it's a pain to have to go through all of them and find alerts worth responding to.


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The current xf alert system reminds me of the "old facebok" (200+ alert ftw from the same status) so yeah, +1 for this.


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I would like to improve on the first post in this suggestion, was actually going to make my own but did a check first to see if there was already any made.

The current way XenForo handles alerts is suited for a small number of alerts, people can practically "alert spam" you by liking 20/25 of your posts (or even more). It is forcing users to turn off alerts for certain things which is counter-productive to keeping them engaged. I really urge XenForo to improve their core notifications feature.

Merge notifications of similar nature:
As with Facebook currently, its much better if notifications of similar natures are "merged", especially likes on same post, profile post comments etc. Currently if 100 members like a single of your posts you get 100 alerts, and you are forced to turn of alerts for likes. Why force a user to do this when it could be merged into one alert which states "ABC, XYZ, WPQ and 97 other members liked ...." <- this keeps the user sane and avoids the user turning off alerts for likes.

Most admin/moderators will understand my situation because their posts are the ones that get the most likes, especially announcement posts or event posts and such, and you are forced to turn of alerts for likes because that clogs most of your alerts and makes you miss important features.

Merge notifications from same member (likes):
I agree that @ user tags and Quotes don't need to be merged, since they are content unique and such and there is a way to limit their notifications from going to members, but when a single member goes and likes a number of your posts, let's say A member likes 120 posts by B member (let's just say that user posts content thats really helpful and likeable) technically A member isn't "alert spamming", he/she is just showing appreciation. But B member gets annoyed due to the new 120 like notifications, XenForo can also fix this by merging those alerts as in: "ABC liked your post in the thread {link here} and {link: 129 other posts}"

The "link" for other posts just opens up a new page or maybe merge it somehow with "likes received" to show likes given by that certain member.

I think this will only make everything better and users won't be forced to turn off alerts which really is bad because the alert/notification system on XenForo is good and keeps users engaged, if they begin to turn off alerts just because of getting too many you know something is wrong.


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I was planning of possibly going and liking every post Mike/Kier have made in turn to make them aware of the problem such a thing can cause, I don't have malicious intent I may just be liking their posts a lot and just want to make them feel happy with the likes but in turn it annoys them with the clogging of alerts (if they have alerts for likes turned on...)

But I guess they already have alerts for likes turned off, due to their posts receiving loads of likes (especially in HYS forum). So I guess they are aware of the multiple alert and the problems it can cause :)


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With the inclusion of profile posts likes in 1.5, better alerts management (and similar alerts merging) is a big, big requirement. Hopefully addressed in 2.0.


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I can see this being useful:
  • User A and User B liked your post in the thread Test Thread
  • User A, User B, and User C liked your post in the thread Test Thread
Then there could be a dropdown so you can see at exactly what time they each liked your post.

The only problem I can see is that it could clog up the Alerts dropdown and make alerts look ugly if you have a bunch of names in one alert.
With BdAlerts being as old; I'm hoping there's an intention of addressing this --- getting tens of alerts, getting to be near useless


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Hopefully addressed in 2.0.
The hope is still alive! Most likely for 2.1 or 2.2 at this stage, but the need to have a modular alert system is really growing.

You'll rarely find any alert system currently that sends out 150 different alerts if the one singular content of yours was liked 150 times.

Best example is how Flarum does it


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Does anyone have any update on this? Can it be done?

Creating a new forum, with lots of users. This is a must have or we have to look elsewhere. Too many notifications will turn off our users.


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I'm very strongly in favour of this feature – the kids on my site like engaging in what they call "like storms," which involve them going and liking every piece of content from a particular member they can get their hands on. It's not uncommon for this to trigger 50-100 alerts in a go, which isn't ideal!


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Just a minor suggestion that I'd like to see implemented before XF 2.1.

Let's say Member A subscribes to a thread from posting in it. Member B, Member C, Member D, Member E, Member F and Member G replies to the same thread. Normally you'll see an alert from Members B-G for the SAME thread if you haven't viewed your alerts.

Edit: The same applies to profile posts. Members B-G can comment on them to generate an alert.

reply spam.png

To cut down alert spam, these could be optionally merged into one alert (via admin panel option) if Member A has not viewed the alert yet. That way Member A does not get flooded with 50+ alerts on an active thread where people constantly reply to it. It could also avoid Member A from skipping alerts that actually do matter if he has posted in multiple threads.

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