Notices and IE9


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I've had a quick search and found the related "not a bug" thread: IE9&o=date

But I'm finding that my notices are not displayed in IE9 (but are displayed in FF and Chrome)
I've cleared my cache and still see the same

See here:

Can other people see the forum home page notices on this forum? It possible it's related to something I've done that is "customised"

When checking with the IE9 developer tools, it looks like the content of the notices are below the container div...

Additionaly it works fine in IE9 compatiblity view (click the little blue broken page thing in the url of IE9)


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Bah, I've seen markup issues (unclosed tags and all sorts), I'll need to sort these out and hopefuly the issue will go away
>> Must remember to validate!

<< Found the little blighter (an unclosed container in one of the notices)... all is well now