Notice issue when big image and accessing via mobile


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At my Homepage, I do only have ONE "Notice" with a big image. There is also some text for the image with transparent RGB-background atop the image.

The image-size is quite huge:
image width: 942px
image-height: 628px

When accessing the Homepage via a Smart-Phone, the image within the Notice can be scrolled up and down, which seems to me like a "Notice Bug" when accessing via Mobile-phone.

It looks just perfect when accessing the page at the computer, but accessing the Homepage via Mobile-phone is making the Notice look strange as you can move the image up and down within the Notice-box.

If you want to check it out, I can send you my URL via PC.
I'm having a similar problem. Figured I'd bump this instead of starting up a new thread.
Did you find a solution?

The image notice on the home page looks perfectly aligned on my home monitor/settings, but when the monitor is zoomed in, the image doesn't get formatted to fit appropriately and instead the scrolling effect takes place (side to side) in order for the visitors to view the entire image.

I can post screenshots if anything is unclear.
Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
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