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Notice Date Criteria to allow a notice that can be loaded on specific day(s) of the week


Well-known member
User Case Scenario: I want to run a notice for one hour (7pm-8pm) on Saturday evening. Right now, I can set it to run every day at the same time. But I cannot pick days. I understand that this is a bit too much to ask. Just posting it here to see if others have similar needs. Thanks!


Well-known member
Kind of realized today that this is not possible right now. So we can't setup reoccuring notices other than every day.
Seeing everyday the same old notice is annoying. So every 7 days or every 30 days it would make its job and would be fine.
Of course you can say, if it is annoying, then make it dismissable. But then once dismissed, the notice will never be shown again until the user himself restores it (and just a few people know actually where to find that place). That would mean notice won't get noticed.


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I've been wanting this feature forever. We have a weekly chat room and it would be so helpful to be able to put up a weekly notice that it is tomorrow and another that it is today. We can't do that with the current system.