Notable Members: Today's Birthdays (Tab/Overlay)


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Stemming off of my question, I think that there should be a "Today's Birthdays" tab alongside, Top Posters, Points, etc. to allow all birthdays to be displayed. Or an overly would work too. Either way, limit + secondary view.

To go along with this, the side bar block should be randomized versus alphabetical listed. (y)
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I hadn't thought of an overly, but I posted that in both spots (updated to say overly or tab).

All this talk about consistency with new threads vs what's new makes me feel that an overlay would be more appropriate - or change the behavior everywhere else.

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On any day of the year there are loads of members that have their birthday. Unfortunately the display is random and instead of showing active members its showing mostly 0 post members. So in its current state it does not seem very useful to me.


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@Alfa1, it is not actually random, it is displayed alphabetically. (y)
Yes, I see. Mind that the members which will come up first in the alphabetical order are generality problematic accounts. Not many valid users will start their user names with characters like:
!#^&*(){}[]:;"'|\<,>./`~¡¤€‘ ’ ¥×äåé®þüúíóö«»áßðøø¶´¬æ©ñµç¿
It would be nice to have some filters for birthdays in terms of posts, activity, etc.