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Does anyone know if and how I could change the notable members page titles? I would like to have the title correspond with each tab. So, "Most Likes" "Most Messages", etc as the title instead of "Notable Members" for all of them?

Thank you


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They should already correspond to what each tab shows.

Could you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing and possibly elaborate on what it is you're wanting to do?


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Hello Maru,

Thank you for your reply.

At the moment, the title remains as "Notable Members" for all the "Most......" tabs. So at the top of the page I have:

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 23.30.28.jpg

regardless of what "Most...." I am viewing, and in my browser tab it has:

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 23.30.47.jpg

Where it says "Notable Members", I would like it to say "Most Messages" when viewing Most Messages, and I would like it say "Most Likes" when viewing Most Likes, I also have a Best Answers add on, so when I am looking at Best Answers, I would like it to say "Best Answers" as the title because I think it's easier for people to see what they are looking at by seeing a nice title at the top of the page/browser tab, because at the moment, if you scroll towards the bottom of the page, having "Notable Members" in the browser tab doesn't really let you know much, whereas, if it had "Most Likes", at least you won't have to scroll back up to the top to remind yourself what user information your are viewing. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but I just think it would make more sense to have a correct title for each one.

Anyway, I know this probably isn't the correct syntax and I'm not sure what the condition would be, but I wondered if there is a way to have something like this in the "notable_member" template:

<xen:if is="{condition here} == 'members'">
<title>Most Messages</title>
<xen:elseif is="{condition here} == 'members/?type=likes'">
<title>Most Likes</title>
<xen:elseif is="{condition here} == 'members/?type=best_answers'">
<title>Most Best Answers</title>

Do you know if something like that is possible?

Thank you for any input, I appreciate it :)

Dylan V

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Yes, your syntaxes are not correct.

Go to the templates of your style and search for "member_notable". Now, replace this:
<xen:title>{xen:phrase notable_members}</xen:title>
<xen:title>{xen:phrase most_messages}</xen:title>

<xen:if is="'{xen:if '{$type} == "likes"', active}'">

<xen:title>{xen:phrase most_likes}</xen:title>


<xen:if is="'{xen:if '{$type} == "points"', active}'">

<xen:title>{xen:phrase most_points}</xen:title>


<xen:if is="'{xen:if '{$type} == "staff"', active}'">

<xen:title>{xen:phrase staff_members}</xen:title>

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