NONAME [Paid] 2.2.13d

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10$ monthly = 120 $ yearly
Only if you subscribe for 12 months ;)
Subscription allows you to download files (latest versions) and get support. If you don't subsribe for next month you can still use theme. You need to resubsribe when you want to download latest version which can be published for example 2 months later.
Everyting is up to you ;) More subscriptions we have = more themes/plugins we create and support.
Stylesfactory updated NONAME with a new update entry:


  • fixed files directiories
  • changed permissions settings for announcements
  • preview for node icon in node list
  • preview for node icon in forum edit
  • preview for node background in forum edit
  • preview for font awesome in forum edit
  • fixed missing phrases
  • changed some text explanations to make them easier to understand
  • fixed override of some nodes icons

  • css fixes
  • better compatibility with newsticker...

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