Non-staff sysadmins?


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Are there other admins who do not otherwise involve themselves in the day-to-day running of the site, just focus on keeping things working, doing upgrades, etc.? I have kind of shifted myself into such a position after recent frustrations with both moderation and how members are reacting to it.

I am going to have to remain as the site's bookkeeper since I pay the bills for Xenforo and hosting (the only ones we normally have to pay) but it's a simple one-page spreadsheet that I just copy over from year to year so not a lot of effort, really. I am also going to be forum moderator for a new forum I initiated.

However, I have cut myself out of the loop on reports (the mods and remaining admins can deal with those) and the Council (what we call "Staff") business forum. If they need me to do something cool and sysadminish to help with a user issue, they can send me a conversation.
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