Node Text Color

Also what's the best way to find the elements I want to style using xenforo. Being a newbie to it.. Is there a default css style sheet somewhere I can just use and search instead of using the editor as its easy to get lost if your not familiar with it.


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I just checked what I used and the following is what I used for the nodeTitle which I pasted in the EXTRA.css template.

.nodeTitle a { color: red; }
The best way to find individual elements imo is to use the built in code inspectors in the browser your using
Where do I also find this code .nodeList .categoryStrip .nodeTitle a

Is this editable from the color palette as the descriptions are very misleading.. all this lighter lightest, etc, why now just explain were its used?


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I'm assuming you are wanting to adjust the category title.

You could either go into Style Properties >> Style Properties >> Forum / Node List >> Category strip title

And then adjust the styling for it on that page or in EXTRA.CSS adjust it there (SP is probably your best bet).
.nodeList .categoryStrip .nodeTitle a {
color: red;