Node sprite change

Neil E.

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When viewing the contents of this file (myserver>styles>default>xenforo>node-sprite.png) there are four images there. How do I make the node icon use the sheet images instead of the bubble images?

I would have expected the two styles to be in different files so each would have a defined location.
SP>Node Icons> Node Icon Forum and SP>Node Icons> Node Icon Unread Forum both call the same image file.
How does the read/unread change work? If CSS handles this, why are there four images?


Neil E.

Active member
Node Icon Forum @imagePath/xenforo/node-sprite.png 0 0
Node Icon Forum Unread @imagePath/xenforo/node-sprite.png -36px 0
I see the background position numbers, but the icon does not appear to actually move.

This would make sense if it switched between two different images:
Node Icon Forum @imagePath/xenforo/node-sprite1.png 0 0
Node Icon Forum Unread @imagePath/xenforo/node-sprite2.png 0 0

I am asking because I might want to replace the images, but I don't undertand how it works.
One file with an image for read and one file with an image for unread would be easy.

Jake Bunce

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Then just specify different image paths and get rid of the background position. That's all that is required. If it's not working then make sure there is nothing overriding in EXTRA.css.