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An add-on I am updating needs to know which node in the node tree is used to determine the highest value for a user to have. For example, if you have a category set up like this:

Pets (category)
Cats (forum)​
Nice cats (forum) Mean cats (forum)​
Dogs (forum)​
Big dogs (forum) Little dogs (forum)​
Nice cats, mean cats, big dogs, little dogs has, for example, an image count limit set to 2 each.​
Cats forum, and dogs forum has an image count limit of 4 each.​
Pets forum has the limit set to 8​
When a member is in the Mean cats forum and the permission is checked, it will return a count of 8 set by the Pets category. What I need to know is the node_id of the Pets category so I can retrieve all of it's sub-forums, and child-sub-forums. Is there an easy way of getting the node_id of the node that set the highest image count limit permission?​
Thank- you for any guidance.​
Still looking for help on detecting the node id that sets the integer amount for a permission. Any help or guidance is appreciated.
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