Graphic Node icons


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Hey guys and gals, I'm coming to you to today to get some work done for some node icons on my fourm.

This was originally designed not as a forum and as such left some forum elements out, currently the only thing I'm not happy with is the node icons.


Ideally we'd love to have a custom icon for each section BUT, today we're asking for you to design a standard read/unread icon. Ideally too we'd like it to be easily editable to add our own little icons down the road as we finalize our categories.

I would give examples but I've found in the past I can't get my vision across to the designer resulting in a misguided graphic being developed.

PC me some quotes, turn around times and some past examples, I would like you to have the power in the design in this, I want something that flows well with our current design/color scheme.