XF 2.1 Node Icons Outline vs. Solid


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I'm trying to replace the stock node icons to something more forum topic specific. I've figured out how to change the icons & how to color them. One problem I'm having is solid vs. outline node icon.

If I go to fontawesome.com...some of the free icons are shown as a solid version & an outline version (and many cases it's the same unicode for both). If I want the solid icon version...if I enter the solid icon version unicode...I keep getting the outline icon version.

Here's an example from fontswesome.com:

Node Icon 2.png

Let's say I prefer the solid icon on the left. Both icons have a unicode of f14a. If I enter the f14a unicode...I always get the outline icon on the right. Is there something I can do to get the solid icon on the left?


Matthew S

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FA uses different font weights. When you enter the icon code, XF uses that with the default weight that has been selected. You have a couple of options. You can specify the weight with the icon you are using in your css code, or change the weight for all in the style you are using. The latter is achieved by going into ACP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> your style -> Typography and then selecting the Font Awesome Weight you prefer.