XF 1.4 Node Icon, Node Bar Color, Footer, Sidebar

Hello Xenforo,

I am new to the software and so for loving this software.

While trying to customize my forum, I have encountered with few things that I could not figure out.

Here they are,

1. How can I change the Node Icon? I have tried changing it in node icons in Style Properties, but for some reason nothing seemed to change.

2. I couldn't find a way to change the node (category) bar color. What I mean by this is the bar that the category title is located at.

3. I have purchased a theme that came with footers with custom links, but I couldn't figure out a way to add the custom links and customization to my theme's footer.

4. How do you add more sidebars to the forum?

Thank you all for taking your time reply to questions and sorry if it was hard to understand.


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If your questions are related to the third party style you have purchased, then you will need to contact the designer.
Any answers given would only be for the default style, which may not apply.

You would need to edit the templates to add more sidebars, depending on where and how you want them to display.