XF 1.4 Node description Style


I'm on version 1.4.3. I didn't like the new node description style and the new style is not attractive for my forum because, of long description.

Is it possible to get back the old hover style node description?


Steve F

Well-known member
Are you using Chrome and Windows 8 PC with a touchscreen?

If so, in the address bar of Chrome go to chrome://flags and then Enable Touch Events section, try setting it to disabled. Restart Chrome - you may need to clear cache/cookies as well then restart.
Hello @Steve F .

I'm on Windows 8.1 and chrome. I'm using a normal laptop. By the way, my site is working fine firefox. I just check it, and Thank you so much for your suggestion. It worked!! Now I can see the description in hover.

This issue occurred from the new update 1.4.3. I hope, xenforo development team will resolve this!