[Nobita] Room Chat for TaigaChat Pro

[Nobita] Room Chat for TaigaChat Pro [Paid] 1.1.1

No permission to buy ($12.99)
Thanks for this resource! Unfortunately I can not find the chat in the demo and the registration isn't working, there is just an error.
Thanks, the registration works now :)

The second room is a nice feature, but unfortunately the popup and the full view only works in the first room. No matter which room is active, the first one is selected.
Great, thanks :) As soon as the Full View link also works I'll buy the addon. I think always a link to the first room could be a bit misunderstanding.
Ok, then maybe another description for full view would be better, something like main room. I will change this on my own phrases after buying this addon.

Edit: Bought the addon.
& Nobita will now become rich off of a $10 addon. Smart move =)

Best of luck to you. If I didn't sell my sites off recently you would have had 3 purchases. Been asking for this for nearly 14 months now :cry:
Can you have 2 widgets in home with this addon? I need to have a chatbox and a "newsboard" opened only to my mods.
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