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Often my members try to search for something and cannot find it. My members are not happy with XFES. One of the most common issues is that they use the wrong search queries.

For example if I want to find the HYS thread 'Rest API' but use the search phrase 'does a rest api exist?' then I get 0 results:
Screenshot_2020-05-24 XenForo community.png

And if I search in the HYS forum and a bunch of unrelated results that have the letter A in it if I search site wide:
Screenshot_2020-05-24 Search results for query does a rest api exist .png

This happens quite a lot because people are used to Google and there you can simply enter your question. So people try this, cannot find anything and either leave the site or start a thread on the same topic. For repetitive topics this causes a problem. it also causes issues between members when the top 8 threads in a forum are about the same thing and another member posts the same again. We get complaints that the search is broken in in their view.

To resolve this it would be useful if there was a feature that suggests: did you mean 'REST API'?
And another feature that kicks in when there's no results or less than X results:
No results for "does a rest api exist?" displaying results for 'rest OR API OR exist'

I believe this would be a significant improvement to the user experience.
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