no "Post new thread" button

This is probably something super simple that I have over-looked. But there is no 'Post new thread' button in my topics


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Check your permissions.
If you have Deny set for posting on any usergroups then that will be the reason.

Alternatively check for outdated templates and revert them.
alrighty, I did have some permissions set to deny. Changed them, still doesnt work

I have the user groups set like this:

Unregistered : All default
Registered : General Permissions - All Allow (custom title = default)
Forum Permissions - All Allow (delete own post/thread = default)
Moderator : Basically Everything on Allow
Admin : Everything
All forums

node permissions are set as:
Unregistered : All inherit
Registered : Forum permissions - Allow All
Mod : Allow All
Admin : Allow All


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I just logged in to your site using the URL in your first post and you don't actually have any forums defined, just a single category.

You can't post threads in a category.