XF 2.2 "No permission to buy" on xenforo resource page


I'm trying to purchase an add-on on Xenforo's resource page. I keep getting a message that says "no permission to buy" or "no permission to download".

Another thing I noticed is that I'm automatically logged out when I press the "buy" button for a particular add-on I'm trying to buy. Then upon trying to log in, it tells me user doesn't exist.

How do I get access to buy on the resource page?
1. You need to have a license in order to download/buy any resources.
2. You also need to associate your forum user name to your license. You do this by accessing your customer account and adding your forum user name.
Thanks for the reply. It was actually another problem. The add-on author has it set up to where you have to join another site before being able to buy his add-ons. The "buy" button was linked to his site.
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