Fixed No option to disable automatically added "CAPTACHA" paragraph in privacy policy


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XF 2.2.8
A lot of (especially EU) webmasters have their own very long custom privacy policy.

Unfortunately XF 2.2 adds a (short) CATCHA paragraph without consent of webmaster to the end of the privacy policy:

{{ phrase('privacy_policy_text', {'board_title': $xf.options.boardTitle, 'contactUrl': $xf.contactUrl, 'cookieHelp': link('help/cookies')}) }}


<xf:if is="$captcha">
    <xf:if contentcheck="true">
        <h2>{{ phrase('captcha_privacy_policy') }}</h2>


Thats a nice addition for some of us, but there should be an option to disable this addition, in case it was already integrated into the custom privacy policy text.

At the moment this is only possible via template (or I assume phrase-) modifications.
Thank you for reporting this issue, it has now been resolved. We are aiming to include any changes that have been made in a future XF release (2.2.9).

Change log:
Add option to disable appending a CAPTCHA provider's privacy policy to the site's privacy policy
There may be a delay before changes are rolled out to the XenForo Community.
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