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For the longest time I've been thinking of moving to XF and I finally did it. Very excited, it's great.

All during the time I was planning the jump I wanted to put the XF forum on a subdomain:

Our main site is fairly rigorously edited, the writing is pretty tight. On the other hand, our forum, like all forums can be up and down. Some members are thoughtful and articulate and others blather on about nothing but bs. Nothing ban-worthly but little content of value.

I'd thought that the subdomain would give our blog a bit "distance" from the forum in the eyes of google. For some reasons I won't go into, we ended up with our forum at and I'm probably going to leave it that way. For one thing AndyB, who's opinion I greatly respect, pushed me hard to leave it as a directory, not a subdomain.

Blah blah, to the point.

I had this idea tonight while riding my MTB.

What if there was an admin option within each members profile to no-index all their content?

Good idea or bad? Core or addon?

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You can't no-index all their content, but you could surely lock their profile page from everyone and/or add a no-index attribute to it. The simplest way to go about the 2nd route would be to have a new user group (i.e., "No Index User Profile") and then modify the member_view template to have this code in the <head> tag:
<meta name="robots" content="noindex">
<meta name="googlebot" content="noindex">

The harder way would be creating headers for each member profile.

As far as content goes, I am seeing some suppression by using certain words. Therefore, I will be using @kick's free mod and edit the post to wrap their content so it's invisible to members not logged in (search engines can't see):

I'm sure using the above addon, you could use a MySQL query (if you know what you're doing), to wrap every one of their posts in 1 go with the BB Code to hide them all.