Lack of interest No Email Validation and slowing down trolls/spammers


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I am a bit unsure of how to title this one but I had an idea for those who like keeping email validation off for a quicker registration and prevent trolls and spammers at the same time when they abuse the fact that it is turned off.

When Email Validation is set to off it would be great if such and such an IP address tries to sign up with a set number of prior registrations that are allowed before turning on Email Validation.

I know that we get members now and then who will sign up, sign up with a new account and then post back to their own threads and this would at the very least slow them down as I know they will use fake emails for second accounts.

Perhaps if not IP based cookie based detection could work and then have it switch on email validation when it detects a few accounts made on the same IP recently?

Just throwing this out there, I aint sure if it would be better as an add on or in the core or if there is an add on that already does this.

Anyone like the idea or have any input on what would make it a better suggestion?