Lack of interest Niche Domination Brainstorm - Cross Forum Link Back Signature Generator


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Back in the day , i contact Minco about buying smartSIG , he never got back to me but basically what he did was build a signature generator that had tracking software integrated.

How i was going to leverage off this was to add the generator to my Diesel Truck site and allow people to build signatures to use on my site and the other diesel sites they were members of, having a ton of my members running a signature on other sites in my niche with the image hyper linked back to my site was going to work out great.

Sadly the smartSIG was shut down with thousands of users upset about it, a few other similar softwares have spawned ...

Basically what i was going to do was allow them to upload a photo of there truck and type in some details and it would out put the BBcode to use on forums as there signature.

This thread is an interesting read

People love this functionality and it may just be the thing that brings xenforo forums to the top, as new up start forums will be competing within their niche and trying to grow on an unfamiliar software, having the ability to offer someone something they want is mandatory and once the xenforo site gets noticed about 15 mins of using the software and you have just stole membership :D

this could be huge if integrated into xenforo , its adding rocket boosters under the software and blasting it into the spot light , once they are here using it the software will speak for its self !